I am currently working towards an open studio on Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th 2019


'While I was in the midst of painting this new collection, I was being driven by something I couldn't put my finger on.  It was a longing, an ache, a love of something flawed, human, raw, fragile, strong.  I painted each day never knowing at the start what would end up in front of me by evening.  I knew if it was finished, I knew if it wasn't, and I knew that I had to keep going until I could understand what it was I was desperate to express.  One day, about three weeks before my paintings were going to be displayed to friends and family at a Private View, I was overcome by a sudden and profound understanding. Listening, as I so often do when I work, to a playlist of Leonard Cohen, I realised that my paintings were visual expressions of what he was singing about. The flawed, exalted, mundane, visceral, sensual, basic and intricate nature of humanity - the blood and flesh, the loneliness and companionship, the humour and melancholy, both the ephemeral and permanent elements of human life with all its loss and gain, wealth and poverty.  All these were coursing through my work alongside the rhythms, chords and words - and of course the voice - of Leonard Cohen.  All I could do was sit, covered in oil paint, my palette in my hand, and my tears come with gratitude that such souls exist and that even though he is no longer living, I can somehow know him, converse with him, and dance with him to the end of love.' Molly Gaisford



The Series I - Vi are purposefully without titles other than numbers which refer to their groups.  This signifies a surrender to the unknown: a discarding of identity, definitions, labels, ego.  Each painting becomes universal, a place of discovery and exploration of the sub-conscious for each individual: an ultimate freedom. 


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